Hello, and thank you for your interest.

I use this blog to write about whatever subject I feel.  My blog wont be tailored to a specific subject, or genre.  The idea has always been to branch out.

Some topics more interesting to others, however, that’s subjective.

I try to make all of my topics interesting.  Something to think about, or something that’s nice to read.

A great deal of my topics, (maybe around half, or so) will probably be gaming related.  I’m more-so focused around fighting games, than any other type.  I’ll get into strategies revolving around mind-conditioning, so you can learn to develop strategies around making your enemy behave the way you want them to, and learning how to not let them get into your head, and the many other strategies around fighters.

Speaking of which, I’m aware I didn’t post anything from EVO this year.  But, there’s always other events, or next year.

Games don’t have to be serious mental battles between two people, and I’m aware that not everyone thinks the idea of being able to predict and condition other players is an idea of fun, so I will focus on other types of games too.

Moving away from that, though, another portion of my blogs will be under the topic “Positive Thinking,” where the focus will be on anything that relates to that.  Being in a better mental state, or things that make you think more about what’s around us.

Everything else will be whatever is on the mind.

Finally, no, I’m not a doctor.



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