Recent Playstation Store glitch allowing crash and spyro on vita fixed.

Well, as you may know, for the past few days, there’s been a glitch within Sony’s Playstation Store.  The glitch allowed PSPs to download Vita titles (all of them) and vice versa.  The glitch was obviously useless for PSP, but, with the Vita being the PSP’s successor, it meant games you previously couldn’t download, you now could.

It’s been stated that the Vita simply couldn’t emulate certain games without issues, and that’s why the entire PSP and PSOne collection was not available.

But, with the recent glitch, if you had a Vita, you could download your Crash Bandicoot and Spyro games to your Vita.  And, you should have bought them, considering each game was .99 cents in a recent 3 day flash sale that ended Monday morning.  Some people deliberately skipped those 7 games because they couldn’t play them on their Vitas.  But, me being more optimistic, figured it’s better to pay .99 cents now, rather than $5.99 later.. for each game..

Anyway, as far as I know, Sony has not said anything on this issue within their blog.  The glitch has been fixed as of this morning, so if you had games you wanted to get on your vita that you previously weren’t able to download, you’ve missed your window.

However, if you still have these games pending in your Vita’s download list, rest assured, you can still finish the download at your leisure, but, you cannot reactivate the download through the store.

No one else will fall for the excuse of the games not being emulated properly, even if in the rare case it’s true, so I’d expect to see the feature return.  The only reason I can see it being taken away is because of contract reasons and who knows how long that could take to be settled.

Hope you’ve all taken advantage of the .99 cent sale and the following store glitch while you could.  Don’t forget to back up your data to your PC using your content manager, just in case.

ImagePerhaps next time, everything will be resolved and the feature will be here to stay.