Am I getting older?

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New Wrinkles

You wake up one day and realize you’re ten years older than you were the previous night. Beyond the initial shock, how does this development change your life plans?

I think I’d be too concerned with how, or why this is happening. I’m not going to be the person who looks in the mirror, to say, “Hey, I’m getting older, I should go sky diving before I die!”

But, only ten years?  I wouldn’t have a single wrinkle or gray hair on my face.  However, once I did notice I was older, I would likely want to figure out why it’s happening and if it’s still happening.

My phone began it’s wake-up chime at 8:00am.  Resisting the urge to throw it across the room, I struggled, tapping at the screen to cease the annoying jingle.

Standing from the bed, an intense amount of pressure built up around my ankle joints.  It pained greatly just to walk.

“Why is this happening again?!” I thought to myself.

Why did I feel so much older, all of a sudden?  But it wasn’t quite like the last time.  My back and fingers were hurting too.

I couldn’t manage to make it the full distance of my room.  My feet just gave out and my knees collided against the floor, before laying completely flat.

It was there, I looked to my left at the only mirror in the room.  Something was different.  But, I’d just woken up, so my vision wasn’t very much sharp at all.

After a raged struggle with my body, crawling through the floor, I’d somehow managed to get to the bathroom, and used the sink as a platform to pull myself up.  More angry with the pain pinching at my joints than anything else.  Was I getting older?  I looked again in the mirror, trying to convince myself that I was okay, except I noticed something.  A single gray hair.

“What?  How?”

Something wasn’t right.  I’m only twenty-four, so there wasn’t a reason for me to have a gray hair, right?   I walked slowly, bracing myself for the pain of each wide step as I waddled back to my bedroom, thinking of what to do next, I didn’t feel good, remembering I had a long scribble of things left to finish on my bucket list.

The whole situation was putting a lot of stress on my brain. It reminded me of a particular subject of a blog, I’d been tossing about in my head.

Stories have climaxes in them.  I thought to myself if life itself were also supposed to have some sort climax.  But, my problem was that that nothing overly exciting in life had ever happened to me.  At least nothing so exciting that I would consider it the best possible thing to happen in my life, and here I was, getting older.

It was time to get finished with that list.




Excessive Passwords For No Good Reason!!


See that?  You know what that is?  An easy, random sequence of random characters and numbers I made up.  That’s honestly how my actual passwords look.  But you know what?  My real password is over 50 characters, and uses a mix of random characters, much like the one above, however, obviously much longer.

Now, I know, not everyone can take a password like that and memorize it, especially if it’s 50 digits long. I don’t write ’em down either.  I don’t see a point to writing down a long password somewhere, if someone finds it, it doesn’t matter how long it is.  No, I’m not a machine, but then again, who knows.

So, I went to Microcenter to drop off my Laptop.  It had been giving me issues for the longest time and, you know what?  I left my 50 digit password on the thing and the technicians are having issues logging into my computer.  Now, I know that it’s going to take a while longer for me to get my laptop back.  But, it feels so good knowing it’s giving them this much trouble.

Hopefully, it means that if the thing ever gets stolen, it would be useless.  Moreover, I wouldn’t care if those guys wiped my entire hard drive on that computer.  Nothing important is even on the thing anyway.

But, i figured I’d take the time to talk about passwords today.

Now, if you have something like your name (or someone you know) followed your birthday, keep in mind that there are programs out there that guesses passwords one after another, until it finds one that works.  If you use all lowercase letters and no symbols, it shouldn’t take very long.

But yeah, I get it, 50 characters….  Beyond excessive.  And, what do you do with something like that?  Use it over again?  No….

Yes, I have a 50 digit password for my computer.  Okay, so admittedly, I used the same 50 digit password for both my main computers.   But, these passwords are something that I do not use online.  There’s reasons… Take the PlayStation Network, for example…  After they were hacked, I made a 40 digit password.  PSN wont let you create anything longer than that.  The password itself, features random numbers, letters and is dissimilar from the password I use on my computers.

Here’s some of the things I do, though.

Throw together some numbers that sound good together to you.  Don’t make it anything that exists already, like your birth date, phone number, or something.  Start with a number….  say… 7.  702…. 103…  Those sound good to me…  But, let’s add more numbers.  The number 28 for good measure.  Say it in your head… 702, 103.. 702… 103…  Just don’t forget the 28 at the end…  And, there you have it.. two easy, three-digit numbers.  With 28 at the end.

I recommend keeping these numbers committed to memory for at least two days before trying to put them into a password.

So, now we have 70210328.  Totally random numbers  Not a phone number, not a social, or anything remotely important..  Now, let’s add some letters.  How about a game?  Rock Paper Scissors…

R-P-S…..  EASY!!!

okay, so now we have

R-P-S70210328   We’ve got hyphens now!  Cool!.  But, it’s still not good enough.  No, let’s get excessive!  Let’s take a company.  How about time warner cable?  Let’s throw that in after the numbers.

R-P-S70210328twc  lowercase letters added..  And now, we’re almost there… But, you know what?  Padding is good for password strength (sequential symbols)

&*(*&  that’s actually just 789 in forwards and reverse with the shift key held down.  (Look at your keyboard.)  And so, we have it…  Sadly, the way my memory works, I’ve already accidentally remembered this password.  However, I wont be using it of course.  No one should.  Just use this as reference for making your own.

Anyway, we have:


This is nothing compared to my other passwords.  The numbers get ridiculous.  However, employing a password like this onto your devices will help keep you safe..  Just make sure you commit them to memory for a few days before actually using them.

Now, passwords are supposed to be stored safely away, but some companies don’t.  So, what happens, is that hackers come along, steal all the passwords in the database and can look them all over with no issue, so having a long password only goes so far.

But, on the subject of internet safety, how about this….

You know those questions that ask you “Where were you born?” and etc. in case you need to reset your password?  Here’s a tip…  Answer the question with another password, or something that makes no sense.

Some sites allow you to come up with your own questions.  Don’t make a question that makes sense.

“How much today fits for after Friday when it’s Pluto inside?”

This will stump just about everyone who thought to themselves, “It should be easy, I know where they live and their name.”  Yeah, the people who know you.

I’m aware not everyone will be willing to try this, but something like 80% of passwords in use today are simple.  Even if I’ve inspired one person to come up with something more difficult, I’m happy.

Again, following what’s been said on this post will not make you impervious, but it will make you better than you are right now.

Thanks for the read, and please, check out my other posts.  I appreciate it.

Dead Or Alive 5: Ultimate Sale [AGAIN!]


Well, if you missed out on the sale last month, I have news for you.  No, the characters are not back on sale – however, select costumes are!  Yeah, I know… not exciting…

But, also, Kokoro is being offered for free, much like Mila was last month.

For some odd reason, I do not see this being mentioned anywhere on the official Playstation blog.  However, you can take a look at things in the actual store, here. Or, click the banner above to go straight to Kokoro’s page.

Of course, as with every week, there is a sale going each week in the Playstation Store.  Check out the official blog here.

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Wow, you’re stupid.

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The Eighth Sin

Remember the seven cardinal sins? You’re given the serious task of adding a new one to the list — another trait or behavior you find particularly unacceptable, for whatever reason. What’s sin #8 for you? Why?

Have you ever spoken to someone that instantly ends up on another topic?  “Wow, I don’t even know what you’re talking about anymore!”

There’s been a few times where I wonder what is wrong with some people.  “Dude, I was talking to you about global warming, how are you talking about sun roofs in cars?…  They both have the sun in common, right?”

You ever go for a walk, and there’s that one person you don’t feel like talking to, that just so happens to show up, from no where?  I was doing just that, and it happened.

“Hey, what’s up?” he greeted.

“Yeah, what’s up,” I casually greeted back, as I slowed my walk speed.  The notion that I was in no mood for conversation with this particular fellow completely masked under what I assume was kindness.  Maybe I was expecting a redemption of the last conversation.

“Did you get that thing, yet?” he asked suddenly.


“Yeah, you know?  That thing we were talking about last time, that you were telling me about, that’s supposed to make your internet go really fast?”

“What?  You mean a router?”

“Yeah! Doesn’t it like, make your internet download movies at like… five-hundred megabytes a second?”

“Dude, that’s not-” I felt trying to explain the difference between megabytes per second, and megabits per second would be futile and stopped myself mid-sentence. “Never mind.  But no, the router doesn’t make your internet go any faster.  I only use that for wireless connectivity and I already have one.”

“Oh,” he replied back.  Dull and with no emotion was too hard to tell what was going through his mind at this point.

“It’s all only going to be as fast as the lowest link anyway,” I added.

“Lowest link?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Well, I have this one computer that’s like — it runs really slow, but the rest of the computers, like the one in my room, it goes faster.”

“Didn’t you tell me that computer was almost ten years old?”

“Well, yeah, but — it’s slow and my other computer is fast.  It’s like, the rapid station.”

“What?”  At this point, the conversation was taking a turn for the worse, and I knew it.

“Yeah, so like… when you ride on the trains there’s like — okay, so I got my ticket, right?  And, after I got my ticket, I waited for the train for fifteen minutes and when I took my seat, it looked like it was going fast, but when you look at it from the outside, the outside seems to be moving slowly.”

So many questions popped into my head during his response, that I didn’t know how exactly to respond.

“How long was the ride?” I asked.  My white flag had been raised, the conversation was a loss.  But it was okay, as we weren’t far from the store.

“Well, it was about a half hour to forty-five minutes.” he replied before going into a long pause.

“Did you-”

“But,” he finally continued, cutting me mid-sentence. “While I waited there and I saw all these people there, I wondered what all those people were doing there.”

“What was the problem?”

“You know how like, around Christmas time, everything gets crowded and there’s all sorts of people everywhere, because they have somewhere to go?”


“Yeah, well, it was kinda like that.  There were all these people around, but it wasn’t a holiday, so I wondered what all these people were doing there,” he said, emphasizing on people for some odd reason.

“Was it last Monday?”


“So, it was Memorial Day.”


I’d never been happier to get in front of a grocery store, my only hope was that he was going somewhere else.  My nerves were seriously in need of rest.

“Well, I’ve got a few things to get in the store, so I should head in and get them.”

“Okay, see you around.”

I never did find out what was so wrong about the rapid station being crowded on a holiday.


Thanks for reading.  Story is loosely based on someone I know, but it is like the other stories I write, completely fictional.  If you enjoyed it, please be sure to rate, comment, follow and all that good stuff.