Making money online

This is a subject many people were curious of, at one point or another.  The internet just basically came from no-where about 30 years ago and now it thrives.

Who would have imaged all those years ago that you could set up a camera, and talk into it for several hours during a day about a vlog, which is basically a show that revolves around the person holding the camera, and you know what?  Youtube pays them for it.

Most of them aren’t rich.  But, for many of those stars on youtube, if they’re posting vlogs every day, chances are they’re being paid enough to do it day after day.

But, sure, vlogging isn’t for most people.  Even if you were to vlog, would have to do it long enough for people to catch on, and provide videos interesting enough to keep people coming back time after time.

That’s the key to it, though.  Repetition.

No, not every successful video on youtube is a blog, but people with successful youtube carriers do have something in common.  They many videos.  Even if you had a one-hit-wonder, you wouldn’t maintain success if you didn’t follow it up with something.

This is one of the most important things when considering to make money online.  Things will most likely start off slow.  What you must do is repeat your process, and build a reputation.  As this is done, you will begin to gather more of a following.  The internet is about making connections.  You could never make a sizable income being alone when absolutely no one knows about you.

One thing that’s important when building a reputation online is making sure you stick to whatever it is you do.  Don’t be the person who’s always doing something different every other day of the week.  This leaves the impression that whatever you’re doing just isn’t working well enough  for you.

If you don’t put in the effort, it doesn’t matter the success rate of the program.  Even if it had a success rate of 97.8% you are going to fail if you don’t have the effort.

Never ask someone else how much you will make.  That ultimately depends on you.  Instead, tell them how much you want.  Be realistic about it, and maybe you’ll get tips on how to better get to your goal.

Again, because this is very important, do not join every new program you see.  Do not spread your resources too thin.  There’s only so much time in a day.  Trying to get with six different online businesses, even if they’re all legitimate, you’ll fail because those six are going to all be competing for your time.

Then, there’s another important thing.  Using your brain.  If something seems sensible, rational, and makes a lot of sense.  It most probably is.  But if someone says to you they have an easy, click-button-and-forget software that will make you $12,054 in 14 days for only $9.99 a month, it is most definitely a scam.  Also, never trust anyone who puts the dollar sign after the number (12,054$). That’s not where it goes.

I will be posting more blogs on this soon, as I try to get back into my rhythm of posting.  However, if you are looking to get started earning online, I suggest starting here, and provide an e-mail address.  Don’t forget to like, share, follow, etc.  There will be more to come.


Thinking To Make Money From Home? Consider These Helpful Hints.

Frequently, when you come across subjects along the lines of “work from home,” or “make money online,” you see things like Photoshopped cars, and fake videos of people making unbelievable amounts of money.  Then, to some unsuspecting people, who think they can somehow make $2,000 in their first week are cheated out of hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

Was it a scam?  Probably.  Or, it could have just been the simple fact that the person bought all these tools that could have worked for him, however, he just simply didn’t know how to use them to his advantage and thus, didn’t make his money back.

In this post, I just want to highlight some things.  Sometimes, when you see work-at-home opportunities, you’ll see people living it up, but you know something?  The results those guys are seeing aren’t typical.  In most cases, they were placed in a good position by the head of the company, so the results are not only atypical, they’re near impossible.

You may wake up one day, to see that Microsoft is no more.  Xbox One is failing, and Windows 8 has been ill-received and so on.  No company is guaranteed to be here tomorrow.

There are a few ways to easily tell if a site is legit and actually pays:

1.  They have a forum.

There are sites out there that are legit with no forum.  However, a forum allows members to chat amongst each other, and when sites stop paying and they have forums, people get mad.  Every post bashes the site, telling people not to join, then, people will begin to spam and finally, the boards aren’t used anymore.

A legit site will have thousands of members.  No spam, and a good overall community.

2. Links to like them on facebook, twitter, etc.

You’re not going to have 20,000, or 1,000,000+ likes on facebook if you’re making people unhappy.

3. It probably takes you a month before you see any money.

Money doesn’t just come from no where.  You shouldn’t expect to sign up for a site, and make $100 dollars in one day.  Most people are not going to do that.  Even if there’s 1 person for every 2,000 that does, the other 1,999 people wont.  And that’s who I’m referring to.

Sometimes, you need to know advanced tactics to get in front of people.  Well, knowing how to do this already will no doubt help you out, but with some sites, the only way to earn is by having other people join with you, and you’ll need a strong following of people that will join you, and to have that strong following will also cost you lots and lots of money.

4. Discipline.

Being honest here, if you cannot be bothered enough to make 30 dollars in a month on a site, like, say, Clixsense, as easy as that is to accomplish, you’re not going to have what it takes to earn very much.  Not to say it will always be the case.  You always have to devote some type of time and effort.  Everyone starts somewhere.

As long as it’s proper value for your time, an extra $30, $50, $100, or whatever, is still 30, 50, or 100 more than what you had.

5. Based in a reasonable country.

Yes, I know, that’s subjective, but, if it’s based in a country like the US, for example, chances are quite good that if they’ve been around a while, they are completely legitimate and following legal rules, or else they would have, without a doubt been shut down.


Yes, I use Clixsense, as well as other sites.  I have personally been paid multiple times through it.  It has a forum, and over 113,000 likes on facebook, and doesn’t cost a penny to join and is based in the US.  There’s even a blog I made going into a few details, which can be found here.

One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t waste my time writing up a blog like this if it didn’t work.  Wouldn’t be a smart use of my time.

Thanks for reading.  Remember, if you enjoyed this post, or anything else I’ve written, be sure to like, comment, follow, and all that jazz.  I appreciate it, as it keeps me writing, knowing people are actually reading it.