What is, and Why is Addiction?

Quite a bit of time has passed since my last blog.  I’m going to try and juggle them into my schedule again.  I was watching a video, and it brought up a very interesting topic, but before going in head first, I wanted to start off with the word, “Addiction.”

What does that mean?  What is it?

Addiction is an impulse to an activity, which becomes harder to put down to to fluctuating levels of pleasure in the brain.  I’ll try not to make this subject too complicated.

However, in simple terms, addiction is constantly doing an activity to satisfy the brain’s reliance, or extreme desire for a chemical.

Now, in cases where you need more and more of it to get the same effect, the reason is because of the damaging of receptors in the brain.  Your reliance depends on more and more and you’re having to do it through fewer and fewer receptors.  That’s the basics idea behind it.

In the beginning, I said I wanted to discuss something more, and that is the following question:

Why do we become addicted?  Sure, addiction in itself is a problem, but it isn’t as simple as saying, “Joe hung around the wrong crowd, and just chose to do bad things.” It was because Joe needed to find a group of people that filled a void from another problem and then, uses addictive materials to fill a gap.

I could then get into how people are a product of their environment.  But, we don’t all react to the same situations in the same manner.  We’re not all programmed the same way.  That’s why you get two people in the exact same situation and have one person who chooses to give up, and another person who makes the choice for change.

Does that make the person who gave up a bad person?  I don’t think so.  Not necessarily.  A fish may be a good swimmer, but it might not be so great when it comes to flying.  Same with birds.  It’s about being in an element you can take control in.   Not everyone has control of there environment, and even fewer can change the way they’re wired up internally.

Anyway, before I go so far off the subject that I end up over the cliff of no return, I wanted to write this to exercise thought over this issue.  What issue is your addiction providing an escape from?  I’d imagine too, that the further back the addiction goes, the older the cause for escape?

And, the hope is that this blog triggers you to either face a problem you have, or help someone else get to the root of theirs.  I’ll close by saying, I don’t think every form of escape is addiction.

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What Does It Mean To Exist?

It’s open to interpretation, however, there was an interesting story I found, about a kid who found his father’s ghost in a game, whom he’d lost at the age of six.  What on Earth am I talking about?

Well, racing games are very unique in their style of play, in that you can play against a racer that isn’t actually racing with you. Many games have too much decision making, which would make it impossible to say, play against the ghost of another person.  Tekken games attempt to do this, with their “ghost battle” mode, but, you cannot teach an Artificial Intelligence to act human.

People choke under pressure, they learn, they adapt, they read the enemy mid-battle (or, try to) and they also make mistakes and downright forget what to do at times.  Some mistakes you make in fighting games go in your favor, though rare –  almost always, a single mistake shifts the outcome of battle.

As far as racing games are concerned, the person of the fastest lap has their play recorded.  This is saved to an AI who will then re-do everything the fastest racer did… exactly.

This kid, now 16, remembered playing against his dad when he was young.

On one day fantastic day, he found the ghost racer of his dad, whom had long passed away, and was able to play against it.  Losing race after race, again, and again, until one day, he did it.  He got so far ahead that he could have won the race, but just before he got to the finish line, he stopped.  Only to make sure his dad’s ghost would remain as the fastest time.

Still being able to play against someone who’s not actually there anymore.  It’s something nice.  For those five minutes of racing, (or longer depending on the track, laps, etc.) it must be great, almost as if they’re still there, spending time with you.  But not quite.

Original article may be found here.

Now if only a game actually could make a ghost in fighting games, of someone playing at their best (sometimes, I forget important stuff that costs me plenty of matches.)  It would be amazing, as it would be something to interact with.

Needless to say, in racers, if you’re occupying the same space as the ghost, you’ll pass through.

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My Favorite Of Youtube Videos… Ancient… Knowledge…?

My favorite videos on youtube.  Not with the intention of proving anything write or wrong, but, for the simple sake of opening mind and thought, to think about things not previously thought of before.

Quite often, TV and movies bore me to sleep, but, I can watch these videos over and over and never get bored.  They exercise your mind as long as you watch with an open mind.

And here’s part two.

Thanks, Everyone!

One day, looked to my list of followers and noticed I had 11 of them.  I was very excited to learn this as I honestly had no idea anyone had ever bothered to read anything I was writing about.  Fast forward to a week later and there’s 15.  It’s much better than 0, wouldn’t you say?  I thought so.

If you’ve ever reached into your pocket to find a washed up $20 bill that was long forgotten, you’d know how I feel.  So, what did I do?  What I initially set out to do.  Post daily.  It wasn’t that easy in the beginning.  I didn’t think anyone was reading — except they were.

So, there’s two things I’d like to say.  Thank you. Maybe some day, I’ll get to a million.  I’m certainly going to try.

The next thing I wanted to say is yes, I see what going on in the news.  No, I’m not going to mention anything about it.  I refuse to write about anything depressing here.  That’s not the object of my post.  There’s too much of it in the news these days and it’s not my objective to get anyone down.  It’s actually quite the opposite.

I want people to consider things they probably otherwise wouldn’t have when they come to my blog.  Perhaps even learn something new.  That’s why I have posts like this.  And there will be more to come.


Thank you, arigatou gozaimasu, terima kasih, danke…  umm…  Come on, help me out!  How many other ways is there to say thanks?

Enjoying cold-cut sandwiches with great minds and thinkers…. What?

My second entry into the daily prompt series.  The first may be read here.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying my cold-cuts a bit too much, admittedly.  There’s no bad time of the day to have a sandwich filled with turkey, tomato, lettuce and cheese, with a bit of cracked corns-pepper in between.  But, I doubt dinner with the great minds of today would be so… plain.

Anyway, I don’t like watching TV.  I don’t like watching movies.  It’s linear.  Books can be too, but at least you can’t get to the end of it if you’re asleep.

With that said, I don’t know any of the actors of today, outside of the handful that I can count on one hand.  And as I struggle to think of the five, I can only put names to the faces of actors who’ve had acting parts in games.  For example, Willem Dafoe, Ellen Page, and Nolan North.

But, perhaps this is a good thing.  Sure, I like the work these people have done.  Regardless of what anyone said about Beyond: Two Souls, I still completed the game 11 times.  Sure, it had it’s ups and downs, but what doesn’t? I think they all portray their characters nicely and believably, at the end of the day.  Fans of their work, or not, I wouldn’t want to sit these guys down to talk with them?

But who would I sit down with?

Michio Kaku, Aubrey de Grey, Russell Brand, Michael Stevens, Yousef Erakat and Conan O’Brien to shake things up.

So, if you’ve clicked the links to learn more about these people, you may think to yourself about what is out there, and question your own perception versus what is actually out there.

What to ask them?  What Would I personally ask?

Not much of anything.  I would much rather listen to all these people talk amongst each other and perhaps add my own input to an already flowing conversation.  But, if I must ask anything, perhaps it would be where we as humans would be in 100 years. Each of them would no doubt have an interesting take on things.

Each of the names in the list are clickable, and have links to videos as somewhat of an introduction to them.  No doubt it would be a conversation worth listening to.

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Kids Are Actually Conditioned To Think Inside The Box. Did You Know?

So, I was reading this lengthy blog here… and what a nice read, I thought (so you should check it out).  I was looking for something to blog about next, and that blog provided the perfect thing for me to talk about.

But, here’s something to think about:  Kids and their potential intelligence and growth as human beings.  Just about everyone born has the potential to become a genius.  However, as kids get older, their natural curiosity and non-discriminative minds are dissolved.  So, instead of becoming a genius that they could have been, they become normalized like everyone else in society.

Growing up, they’re mentally conditioned, or brainwashed (everything in a sense is brainwashing anyway, but regardless of that fact, some people don’t like that word.).  Being constantly told what is normal, and what they should do, time after time, it inhibits their curiosity until eventually, they don’t think outside the box anymore.

I have a video on the subject.  It simply makes me wonder how different things would be if we didn’t confine youth to the perceptions of the previous generations.  Kids often hop from one thing to another anyway.  Just being naturally curious and indiscriminate.  Simple as that.

Here’s the video.

It mentions everything described above, in a bit more detail and was quite an eye opener.  But, the basic premise behind it is to not condition kids to think inside the box, and tell them what is and isn’t possible and what is and is not okay based on your own personal beliefs.

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Can’t Stand Me. Why?

Here’s something interesting:  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/cant-stand-me/

A question that’s simple enough, right?  So, when you’re creating videos, recording yourself, something just doesn’t seem too right that very first time you see yourself on screen.

The sound, you know is very different and for some reason, you look different too.

Here’s the simple reasons why you think there’s a problem:

You’re used to looking at yourself in a mirror.  Which swaps everything from left to right.  It’s what you see most often, so you’re used to it.  Next up is your voice.  You sound very different to yourself than how the reast of us hears you.  Because of sounds vibrating through your head, it gives the impression of a different voice.

And, imagine that, I found a video which explains both subjects in a two minute video.  How convenient.