What is, and Why is Addiction?

Quite a bit of time has passed since my last blog.  I’m going to try and juggle them into my schedule again.  I was watching a video, and it brought up a very interesting topic, but before going in head first, I wanted to start off with the word, “Addiction.”

What does that mean?  What is it?

Addiction is an impulse to an activity, which becomes harder to put down to to fluctuating levels of pleasure in the brain.  I’ll try not to make this subject too complicated.

However, in simple terms, addiction is constantly doing an activity to satisfy the brain’s reliance, or extreme desire for a chemical.

Now, in cases where you need more and more of it to get the same effect, the reason is because of the damaging of receptors in the brain.  Your reliance depends on more and more and you’re having to do it through fewer and fewer receptors.  That’s the basics idea behind it.

In the beginning, I said I wanted to discuss something more, and that is the following question:

Why do we become addicted?  Sure, addiction in itself is a problem, but it isn’t as simple as saying, “Joe hung around the wrong crowd, and just chose to do bad things.” It was because Joe needed to find a group of people that filled a void from another problem and then, uses addictive materials to fill a gap.

I could then get into how people are a product of their environment.  But, we don’t all react to the same situations in the same manner.  We’re not all programmed the same way.  That’s why you get two people in the exact same situation and have one person who chooses to give up, and another person who makes the choice for change.

Does that make the person who gave up a bad person?  I don’t think so.  Not necessarily.  A fish may be a good swimmer, but it might not be so great when it comes to flying.  Same with birds.  It’s about being in an element you can take control in.   Not everyone has control of there environment, and even fewer can change the way they’re wired up internally.

Anyway, before I go so far off the subject that I end up over the cliff of no return, I wanted to write this to exercise thought over this issue.  What issue is your addiction providing an escape from?  I’d imagine too, that the further back the addiction goes, the older the cause for escape?

And, the hope is that this blog triggers you to either face a problem you have, or help someone else get to the root of theirs.  I’ll close by saying, I don’t think every form of escape is addiction.

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Excessive Passwords For No Good Reason!!


See that?  You know what that is?  An easy, random sequence of random characters and numbers I made up.  That’s honestly how my actual passwords look.  But you know what?  My real password is over 50 characters, and uses a mix of random characters, much like the one above, however, obviously much longer.

Now, I know, not everyone can take a password like that and memorize it, especially if it’s 50 digits long. I don’t write ’em down either.  I don’t see a point to writing down a long password somewhere, if someone finds it, it doesn’t matter how long it is.  No, I’m not a machine, but then again, who knows.

So, I went to Microcenter to drop off my Laptop.  It had been giving me issues for the longest time and, you know what?  I left my 50 digit password on the thing and the technicians are having issues logging into my computer.  Now, I know that it’s going to take a while longer for me to get my laptop back.  But, it feels so good knowing it’s giving them this much trouble.

Hopefully, it means that if the thing ever gets stolen, it would be useless.  Moreover, I wouldn’t care if those guys wiped my entire hard drive on that computer.  Nothing important is even on the thing anyway.

But, i figured I’d take the time to talk about passwords today.

Now, if you have something like your name (or someone you know) followed your birthday, keep in mind that there are programs out there that guesses passwords one after another, until it finds one that works.  If you use all lowercase letters and no symbols, it shouldn’t take very long.

But yeah, I get it, 50 characters….  Beyond excessive.  And, what do you do with something like that?  Use it over again?  No….

Yes, I have a 50 digit password for my computer.  Okay, so admittedly, I used the same 50 digit password for both my main computers.   But, these passwords are something that I do not use online.  There’s reasons… Take the PlayStation Network, for example…  After they were hacked, I made a 40 digit password.  PSN wont let you create anything longer than that.  The password itself, features random numbers, letters and is dissimilar from the password I use on my computers.

Here’s some of the things I do, though.

Throw together some numbers that sound good together to you.  Don’t make it anything that exists already, like your birth date, phone number, or something.  Start with a number….  say… 7.  702…. 103…  Those sound good to me…  But, let’s add more numbers.  The number 28 for good measure.  Say it in your head… 702, 103.. 702… 103…  Just don’t forget the 28 at the end…  And, there you have it.. two easy, three-digit numbers.  With 28 at the end.

I recommend keeping these numbers committed to memory for at least two days before trying to put them into a password.

So, now we have 70210328.  Totally random numbers  Not a phone number, not a social, or anything remotely important..  Now, let’s add some letters.  How about a game?  Rock Paper Scissors…

R-P-S…..  EASY!!!

okay, so now we have

R-P-S70210328   We’ve got hyphens now!  Cool!.  But, it’s still not good enough.  No, let’s get excessive!  Let’s take a company.  How about time warner cable?  Let’s throw that in after the numbers.

R-P-S70210328twc  lowercase letters added..  And now, we’re almost there… But, you know what?  Padding is good for password strength (sequential symbols)

&*(*&  that’s actually just 789 in forwards and reverse with the shift key held down.  (Look at your keyboard.)  And so, we have it…  Sadly, the way my memory works, I’ve already accidentally remembered this password.  However, I wont be using it of course.  No one should.  Just use this as reference for making your own.

Anyway, we have:


This is nothing compared to my other passwords.  The numbers get ridiculous.  However, employing a password like this onto your devices will help keep you safe..  Just make sure you commit them to memory for a few days before actually using them.

Now, passwords are supposed to be stored safely away, but some companies don’t.  So, what happens, is that hackers come along, steal all the passwords in the database and can look them all over with no issue, so having a long password only goes so far.

But, on the subject of internet safety, how about this….

You know those questions that ask you “Where were you born?” and etc. in case you need to reset your password?  Here’s a tip…  Answer the question with another password, or something that makes no sense.

Some sites allow you to come up with your own questions.  Don’t make a question that makes sense.

“How much today fits for after Friday when it’s Pluto inside?”

This will stump just about everyone who thought to themselves, “It should be easy, I know where they live and their name.”  Yeah, the people who know you.

I’m aware not everyone will be willing to try this, but something like 80% of passwords in use today are simple.  Even if I’ve inspired one person to come up with something more difficult, I’m happy.

Again, following what’s been said on this post will not make you impervious, but it will make you better than you are right now.

Thanks for the read, and please, check out my other posts.  I appreciate it.

Thinking To Make Money From Home? Consider These Helpful Hints.

Frequently, when you come across subjects along the lines of “work from home,” or “make money online,” you see things like Photoshopped cars, and fake videos of people making unbelievable amounts of money.  Then, to some unsuspecting people, who think they can somehow make $2,000 in their first week are cheated out of hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

Was it a scam?  Probably.  Or, it could have just been the simple fact that the person bought all these tools that could have worked for him, however, he just simply didn’t know how to use them to his advantage and thus, didn’t make his money back.

In this post, I just want to highlight some things.  Sometimes, when you see work-at-home opportunities, you’ll see people living it up, but you know something?  The results those guys are seeing aren’t typical.  In most cases, they were placed in a good position by the head of the company, so the results are not only atypical, they’re near impossible.

You may wake up one day, to see that Microsoft is no more.  Xbox One is failing, and Windows 8 has been ill-received and so on.  No company is guaranteed to be here tomorrow.

There are a few ways to easily tell if a site is legit and actually pays:

1.  They have a forum.

There are sites out there that are legit with no forum.  However, a forum allows members to chat amongst each other, and when sites stop paying and they have forums, people get mad.  Every post bashes the site, telling people not to join, then, people will begin to spam and finally, the boards aren’t used anymore.

A legit site will have thousands of members.  No spam, and a good overall community.

2. Links to like them on facebook, twitter, etc.

You’re not going to have 20,000, or 1,000,000+ likes on facebook if you’re making people unhappy.

3. It probably takes you a month before you see any money.

Money doesn’t just come from no where.  You shouldn’t expect to sign up for a site, and make $100 dollars in one day.  Most people are not going to do that.  Even if there’s 1 person for every 2,000 that does, the other 1,999 people wont.  And that’s who I’m referring to.

Sometimes, you need to know advanced tactics to get in front of people.  Well, knowing how to do this already will no doubt help you out, but with some sites, the only way to earn is by having other people join with you, and you’ll need a strong following of people that will join you, and to have that strong following will also cost you lots and lots of money.

4. Discipline.

Being honest here, if you cannot be bothered enough to make 30 dollars in a month on a site, like, say, Clixsense, as easy as that is to accomplish, you’re not going to have what it takes to earn very much.  Not to say it will always be the case.  You always have to devote some type of time and effort.  Everyone starts somewhere.

As long as it’s proper value for your time, an extra $30, $50, $100, or whatever, is still 30, 50, or 100 more than what you had.

5. Based in a reasonable country.

Yes, I know, that’s subjective, but, if it’s based in a country like the US, for example, chances are quite good that if they’ve been around a while, they are completely legitimate and following legal rules, or else they would have, without a doubt been shut down.


Yes, I use Clixsense, as well as other sites.  I have personally been paid multiple times through it.  It has a forum, and over 113,000 likes on facebook, and doesn’t cost a penny to join and is based in the US.  There’s even a blog I made going into a few details, which can be found here.

One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t waste my time writing up a blog like this if it didn’t work.  Wouldn’t be a smart use of my time.

Thanks for reading.  Remember, if you enjoyed this post, or anything else I’ve written, be sure to like, comment, follow, and all that jazz.  I appreciate it, as it keeps me writing, knowing people are actually reading it.