What is, and Why is Addiction?

Quite a bit of time has passed since my last blog.  I’m going to try and juggle them into my schedule again.  I was watching a video, and it brought up a very interesting topic, but before going in head first, I wanted to start off with the word, “Addiction.”

What does that mean?  What is it?

Addiction is an impulse to an activity, which becomes harder to put down to to fluctuating levels of pleasure in the brain.  I’ll try not to make this subject too complicated.

However, in simple terms, addiction is constantly doing an activity to satisfy the brain’s reliance, or extreme desire for a chemical.

Now, in cases where you need more and more of it to get the same effect, the reason is because of the damaging of receptors in the brain.  Your reliance depends on more and more and you’re having to do it through fewer and fewer receptors.  That’s the basics idea behind it.

In the beginning, I said I wanted to discuss something more, and that is the following question:

Why do we become addicted?  Sure, addiction in itself is a problem, but it isn’t as simple as saying, “Joe hung around the wrong crowd, and just chose to do bad things.” It was because Joe needed to find a group of people that filled a void from another problem and then, uses addictive materials to fill a gap.

I could then get into how people are a product of their environment.  But, we don’t all react to the same situations in the same manner.  We’re not all programmed the same way.  That’s why you get two people in the exact same situation and have one person who chooses to give up, and another person who makes the choice for change.

Does that make the person who gave up a bad person?  I don’t think so.  Not necessarily.  A fish may be a good swimmer, but it might not be so great when it comes to flying.  Same with birds.  It’s about being in an element you can take control in.   Not everyone has control of there environment, and even fewer can change the way they’re wired up internally.

Anyway, before I go so far off the subject that I end up over the cliff of no return, I wanted to write this to exercise thought over this issue.  What issue is your addiction providing an escape from?  I’d imagine too, that the further back the addiction goes, the older the cause for escape?

And, the hope is that this blog triggers you to either face a problem you have, or help someone else get to the root of theirs.  I’ll close by saying, I don’t think every form of escape is addiction.

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Random Write-Up.

Just a random story I wrote up, enjoy.


“Is it ready for my introduction?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“Very well,” said the mysterious scientist as he walked over to the surgical bed  at the laboratory’s center.

“Absolutely astounding,” the doctor admired. “In due time, the word will know of my advancements.  This is the birth of our new age!”

The doctor leaned over the bed with his hands grasped together behind his back with his assistants sitting at computers on a platform behind him.

“Initiate the program!”

“Initiating!” said an assistant at the far end of the lab.

On the bed, laid an android.  It began to mimic breathing patterns and soon opened it’s eyes.

“Wonderful,” said the doctor. “Tell me — Just how do you feel.”

The android slowly turned his head and torso, observing its surroundings.  It eyes struggled to stay open as if it were fatigue.

“Where am I?” It asked.

“You are in an undisclosed location.  Now tell me,  how do you feel?!!”

“Confused?” It replied. “Who are you?  Everything seems foreign.”

“You will learn of my name in due time.”

“Why is that?” The robot questioned rubbing its hand over its face. “I feel so drained.”

“I wish for you to carry out a favor,” he said, ignoring the android’s words.  ” I’ve saved your life and I intend to be re-payed for my efforts.”

“Saved me from what?  What are you talking about?”

“Your unfortunate car wreck, of course.  You were presumed dead.  The marvelous team here acquired your brain and installed it into your current form.”

“Hey!  Stop with that weird stuff!  Just who are you?  Do you think this is funny?  I’m not in the mood for games.”

“You have been offline for over a week.  We were running tests to make sure you would fiction normally.”

“This isn’t funny, I said!  What hospital is this?!  Where am I?!”  The android asked.

paranoid, it stood  from the bed, barely able to maintain balance.

“Where do you think you’re going?  I’m advising you to sit!”

“I’m not in the mood!”

The android clinched his hands and lunged forward with a punch.  The scientist stepped backwards as the robot’s animation froze, crashing to the floor.

“You think I’m here to play games with a toy?!  You have no free will and you WILL do what I ask of you!  You have no other option!” Yelled the doctor as he leaned over the floored bot.

“What do you want from me?”

“Stand him up!” commanded the doctor to his assistants. “Sit him back on the table!”


Against its will, the android stood and retook its seat, negating any assurance of its humanity.

“Go to your residence and eradicate your wife.”


“I have reason to believe she stole my research.  She will pay dearly for her thievery.”

“Go to hell!”

“I’ve given you a chance to cooperate.  However, your response was expected,” replied the doctor. “So much for the thanks I get for leaving your mental status intact, while giving you a body durable enough to take down a brown bear — maybe two?”

“If you don’t need me, why did you revive me?!  You’re a thief yourself!”

“To prove it possible and to make that woman of yours pay,” the doctor said. “It’s all fair.  The three of you can die at least once.”

“Three?  Are you telling me my son is dead?”  The android questioned through internal speakers, still unable to move.

“Precisely.  However, I assure you that I had no involvement.  Your wife just so happens to be popular with the wrong people.”

The doctor began to walk in circles with a smile over his face, locking eye contact with the android.

“I’ll stop you!” It calmly stated.

“Sure you will!  But first, you’re going to kill your wife.  It is my understanding she cannot die of natural causes.  I do not know how she managed to steal my research, but she will soon meet her demise.”

The android made no other response as it sat, with all movement suspended.

“This will no doubt be interesting to see play out.  To ensure you do as you’re told, your commands will be carried out from here.  Once she is erased from existence, the rest of the species may grow under my leadership.  Prepare yourself.  You will be a conscious witness to her death — free will, or not.”

The doctor raised his arm, signaling the end of the session, before leaving the room.


Well, as I said in a previous blog, “Just Where, Exactly Did You Say You’re From Again?” I was just making it up as I went along, it isn’t based on anyone I know, and I’ve never been in a coffee shop before, because I really don’t drink the stuff.  Normally, what I like to do is read over things, review it, make tweaks and such  But, it was a daily prompt, so I couldn’t give it the attention I wanted.

Then, came the second guessing…  And, there was a lot of chatting, and I could have done better with the ending, I know.

But, what I want to say here is that you are (probably) your biggest critic, and what you write might not be as bad as you think.  It’s very tempting for me to go back and re-write the ending, after I think about it a little more, but I’m going to let it sit.

Oh well.  I know I’m not writing gold, or anything like that, but I do still enjoy it.  I’ll be sure to take my own advice next time too.

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