Am I getting older?

Daily Prompt.

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New Wrinkles

You wake up one day and realize you’re ten years older than you were the previous night. Beyond the initial shock, how does this development change your life plans?

I think I’d be too concerned with how, or why this is happening. I’m not going to be the person who looks in the mirror, to say, “Hey, I’m getting older, I should go sky diving before I die!”

But, only ten years?  I wouldn’t have a single wrinkle or gray hair on my face.  However, once I did notice I was older, I would likely want to figure out why it’s happening and if it’s still happening.

My phone began it’s wake-up chime at 8:00am.  Resisting the urge to throw it across the room, I struggled, tapping at the screen to cease the annoying jingle.

Standing from the bed, an intense amount of pressure built up around my ankle joints.  It pained greatly just to walk.

“Why is this happening again?!” I thought to myself.

Why did I feel so much older, all of a sudden?  But it wasn’t quite like the last time.  My back and fingers were hurting too.

I couldn’t manage to make it the full distance of my room.  My feet just gave out and my knees collided against the floor, before laying completely flat.

It was there, I looked to my left at the only mirror in the room.  Something was different.  But, I’d just woken up, so my vision wasn’t very much sharp at all.

After a raged struggle with my body, crawling through the floor, I’d somehow managed to get to the bathroom, and used the sink as a platform to pull myself up.  More angry with the pain pinching at my joints than anything else.  Was I getting older?  I looked again in the mirror, trying to convince myself that I was okay, except I noticed something.  A single gray hair.

“What?  How?”

Something wasn’t right.  I’m only twenty-four, so there wasn’t a reason for me to have a gray hair, right?   I walked slowly, bracing myself for the pain of each wide step as I waddled back to my bedroom, thinking of what to do next, I didn’t feel good, remembering I had a long scribble of things left to finish on my bucket list.

The whole situation was putting a lot of stress on my brain. It reminded me of a particular subject of a blog, I’d been tossing about in my head.

Stories have climaxes in them.  I thought to myself if life itself were also supposed to have some sort climax.  But, my problem was that that nothing overly exciting in life had ever happened to me.  At least nothing so exciting that I would consider it the best possible thing to happen in my life, and here I was, getting older.

It was time to get finished with that list.




Wow, you’re stupid.

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The Eighth Sin

Remember the seven cardinal sins? You’re given the serious task of adding a new one to the list — another trait or behavior you find particularly unacceptable, for whatever reason. What’s sin #8 for you? Why?

Have you ever spoken to someone that instantly ends up on another topic?  “Wow, I don’t even know what you’re talking about anymore!”

There’s been a few times where I wonder what is wrong with some people.  “Dude, I was talking to you about global warming, how are you talking about sun roofs in cars?…  They both have the sun in common, right?”

You ever go for a walk, and there’s that one person you don’t feel like talking to, that just so happens to show up, from no where?  I was doing just that, and it happened.

“Hey, what’s up?” he greeted.

“Yeah, what’s up,” I casually greeted back, as I slowed my walk speed.  The notion that I was in no mood for conversation with this particular fellow completely masked under what I assume was kindness.  Maybe I was expecting a redemption of the last conversation.

“Did you get that thing, yet?” he asked suddenly.


“Yeah, you know?  That thing we were talking about last time, that you were telling me about, that’s supposed to make your internet go really fast?”

“What?  You mean a router?”

“Yeah! Doesn’t it like, make your internet download movies at like… five-hundred megabytes a second?”

“Dude, that’s not-” I felt trying to explain the difference between megabytes per second, and megabits per second would be futile and stopped myself mid-sentence. “Never mind.  But no, the router doesn’t make your internet go any faster.  I only use that for wireless connectivity and I already have one.”

“Oh,” he replied back.  Dull and with no emotion was too hard to tell what was going through his mind at this point.

“It’s all only going to be as fast as the lowest link anyway,” I added.

“Lowest link?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Well, I have this one computer that’s like — it runs really slow, but the rest of the computers, like the one in my room, it goes faster.”

“Didn’t you tell me that computer was almost ten years old?”

“Well, yeah, but — it’s slow and my other computer is fast.  It’s like, the rapid station.”

“What?”  At this point, the conversation was taking a turn for the worse, and I knew it.

“Yeah, so like… when you ride on the trains there’s like — okay, so I got my ticket, right?  And, after I got my ticket, I waited for the train for fifteen minutes and when I took my seat, it looked like it was going fast, but when you look at it from the outside, the outside seems to be moving slowly.”

So many questions popped into my head during his response, that I didn’t know how exactly to respond.

“How long was the ride?” I asked.  My white flag had been raised, the conversation was a loss.  But it was okay, as we weren’t far from the store.

“Well, it was about a half hour to forty-five minutes.” he replied before going into a long pause.

“Did you-”

“But,” he finally continued, cutting me mid-sentence. “While I waited there and I saw all these people there, I wondered what all those people were doing there.”

“What was the problem?”

“You know how like, around Christmas time, everything gets crowded and there’s all sorts of people everywhere, because they have somewhere to go?”


“Yeah, well, it was kinda like that.  There were all these people around, but it wasn’t a holiday, so I wondered what all these people were doing there,” he said, emphasizing on people for some odd reason.

“Was it last Monday?”


“So, it was Memorial Day.”


I’d never been happier to get in front of a grocery store, my only hope was that he was going somewhere else.  My nerves were seriously in need of rest.

“Well, I’ve got a few things to get in the store, so I should head in and get them.”

“Okay, see you around.”

I never did find out what was so wrong about the rapid station being crowded on a holiday.


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Fast Food Is Fantastic!

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Automation has made it possible to produce so many objects — from bread to shoes — without the intervention of human hands (assuming that pressing a button doesn’t count). What things do you still prefer in their traditional, handmade version?

You know, what?  Someone needs to come up with a 3D printer that is able to print out cheese burgers ready to eat!. Think about it  All you would have to do is buy spools of burger meat, that would never expire, and same for the bread, ketchup, pickle and whatever else.

It would be so much better than microwaving a day old patty that’s lumped over like a person with no self esteem.

It would be an even faster food with no expiration.  You wouldn’t even have to leave the house.

Well, if you ask, “Why not cook your own food if you wont leave the house anyway?” I wont have an answer for you.

3D printers are taking over everything.  If it’s made of plastic, it can be 3D printed.  Very soon, it wont be limited to just that.  Soon, things like actual houses will be 3D printed and even things like body parts, and quite possibly, the meat you eat.  What better way to fight starvation, right?

But, of course, I’m joking.  Meats are in bad shape already and if you’re not careful, you might be eating bleached, repackaged old chicken, or something.

I don’t like fast food.  I don’t like restaurant food.  I’d much rather fire up the stove and cook something myself.  No, I’m not on a farm.  I just think you have to be careful and look at the food before you pick it up.  No one has microscopic vision, but if it doesn’t look healthy in the store, I don’t think I’d try it.

I don’t mind slicing.  I’m not the fastest slicer in the kitchen, but, I’d like to make sure I don’t get cut, as I don’t need to add my blood samples to the recipe.

Rather it’s something simple, like an experiment on a new recipe, (tried chicken-potato soup for the first time last week and it came out awesome on my first try.) or cutting things for a salad, or whatever else, it always beats the fast food places.

I’m aware that the only way to be 100% sure that your food is all-natural is to grow it yourself, but sometimes, that just isn’t always possible and I would like to enjoy myself at least a little bit, which means not worrying so much about what’s in the meat as long as it looks like a healthy cut.

There’s always the butcher too.

I don’t like dressings on my salads, I don’t like potato flakes in a box.  I’ll take my real potatoes and mash them myself.  I like adding sour cream and butter, which makes the texture so much better.

I also make sure there’s nothing too weird in the ingredient labels too.  Yes, I know that just because you can’t pronounce it, doesn’t mean it’s not natural,  but I always look to avoid some things like aspartame and others that probably shouldn’t be in our foods anyway.

How does that saying go about an ounce of prevention?

How Old Am I Again?… Oh, Yeah…

Well, I’m back to it.  Here’s my Daily Prompt.

“Age is just a number,” says the well-worn adage. But is it a number you care about, or one you tend (or try) to ignore?

There isn’t any number I try to ignore.  To me, it really is just a number.  There are people in their fifties in better shape than others in their twenties, or thirties and what-not.

It isn’t so much the age, or the number, but rather how you treat yourself.  I know for me personally, I try to eat healthy and exercise, but, I might not always do so.  And I know that sure, I’m the last person that needs to go on a diet, I but I’m cautious (somewhat) about what I eat, so I feel at least I think so, anyway, at my appropriate age, of 24.  Sure, ask me 10 years ago, I would have said anyone who’s 24 is old.

But, as you get closer to the numbers you once thought were old…  it doesn’t seem very old anymore, at least that’s how it is so for for me.  Maybe I’ll still think 50 is old when I’m at fifty. 🙂  It’s just a number.  For now, at least.

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Well, as I said in a previous blog, “Just Where, Exactly Did You Say You’re From Again?” I was just making it up as I went along, it isn’t based on anyone I know, and I’ve never been in a coffee shop before, because I really don’t drink the stuff.  Normally, what I like to do is read over things, review it, make tweaks and such  But, it was a daily prompt, so I couldn’t give it the attention I wanted.

Then, came the second guessing…  And, there was a lot of chatting, and I could have done better with the ending, I know.

But, what I want to say here is that you are (probably) your biggest critic, and what you write might not be as bad as you think.  It’s very tempting for me to go back and re-write the ending, after I think about it a little more, but I’m going to let it sit.

Oh well.  I know I’m not writing gold, or anything like that, but I do still enjoy it.  I’ll be sure to take my own advice next time too.

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Where’d The “Happy” Go?


Daily Prompt

As a kid, you must have imagined what it was like to be an adult. Now that you’re a grownup (or becoming one), how far off was your idea of adult life?

As a kid, around the age early age of five, I distinctly remember  thinking, (probably because I said it once) you only needed $100 dollars to be rich.

Needless to say why.  One hundred, to me back then was just completely unimaginable.

But, we know today, banks create money whenever they feel, thus, depreciating the value of the dollar.  How great would it be if one hundred dollars actually had the same power as a million today.  But, I’ve read articles stating that not even a million dollars is enough to be rich.  Perhaps it depends on how much self control you have, and how old you are when you get the million.

People that win lotteries don’t stay rich either.

Anyway — back to to the subject, I can’t remember much else in terms of how I thought things would be as an adult, while being a child.  I just remember getting whatever I wanted almost all the time and being a kid.  I am curious, though.  What happened between being a kid and now.  One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m smiling a lot less.

But I do still smile, don’t get that wrong. 🙂

Maybe that’s it, outside of the usual, that we already know about.  Everyone’s just… a lot less happy, surely we all thought that getting to have whatever we wanted while also making all the rules would result in more happiness.  Why not fix it?  I’m going to work on that starting today.

Tried to change it up a little, as we’re all writing about the same subject and we were all naive at some point as kids.  We could ask kids today how they think thinks are, and most will say the same things we thought.  And, to the ones that have an idea of what it’s really like…  Well, I hope they’re enjoying themselves and thinking about how to make change for the better.

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Just Where, Exactly Did You Say You’re From Again?

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Honestly, sometimes, I think to myself, “I don’t want  to participate in today’s Daily Prompt.”  Need not to worry, though, here it is… [Just as a little note, I’m (probably) still typing, but I think I’m done.  Just going off the top of my head as usual, nothing special.]

It turns out that your neighbor on the plane/bus/train (or the person sitting at the next table at the coffee shop) is a very, very chatty tourist. Do you try to switch seats, go for a non-committal brief small talk, or make this person your new best friend?

I don’t go to coffee shops much.  Actually, I don’t drink coffee at all, so I don’t need it in the mornings.  But, it was something different.  A place I’d never been, and I was ever-curious to give it a venture.  It was only around the block from my house anyway, I thought.

I also thought about the people I’d probably talk to.  Perhaps I’d even run into someone I knew there.  Now that I’m back, I honestly cannot say if it were a good idea or not.

When I got there, I didn’t want any coffee.  I had my mind set on not drinking the stuff anyway and I was very certain about that.  The smell of the coffee grinds alone as I opened the door, was strong enough to erase even the memory of the dreams I had the night before.  I wasn’t going to need to drink the stuff too.

Inside this new building – well, it wasn’t just new to me, the place actually is new.  It’s part of the recent shopping center remodeling and not to my surprise, still looked new on the inside.  The checkered black and white floor tiling had no scuffs.  In fact, they were so clear, I could almost see my reflection.  Maybe the lighting was a bit too dim for that.

Looking past the plastic props of different varieties of caffeinated beverages and ignoring the huge green chalk board riddled with weird words, I could only assume were names for the drinks, I looked for the attention of the person behind the counter.

“Good morning!  Which drink would you like to order?”

“Wi-Fi, please,” I replied back to her.

With that, she gave me the sharpest stare.  Surely she knew I wasn’t intending to drink the internet.  I just may have been the only person to walk into the place without wanting coffee.  It wasn’t as if there wasn’t a library directly across the street, but I’d been there before and never here.

“Yes,” she finally said. “Public one, the password is coffee — all lowercase.”

“Thank you.”

I turned around a proceeded to walk past the tables and chairs towards one of the empty seats at the wall.  I even had enough time to pull my computer from my bag and connect to the wifi before someone sat at the opposite end of my table.

“Hello, is this seat taken?”

Before saying a word, I looked back at all the tables I walked past.  All but one were still empty.  At that moment, I thought to myself, if I said yes, it would have been no different than hanging out the library.

“No, it isn’t,” I replied.

“Oh, good!  Thank you!  All the other window seats are taken,” she said, starting a conversation. “You were the only one without a drink, so I figured I’d ask you first.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah.  So, what, you don’t like the coffee here, or something?” she inquired as she took a small sip.

“No, I just don’t drink it.”

“Well, they have more than just coffee here, you know?  You should try something, some of it’s really good!”

Just then, she handed me her small plastic fold-up menu, as mine was still sitting on the table, underneath my laptop.  She wasn’t being weird nor annoying, so I felt obligated to take it.

“The ones with regular names are food items,” she added.

As I looked through and saw things like a three-dollar-cookie; a single cookie, I was pretty content with the free Wi-Fi, so I handed it back.

“My name is Alessia, what’s yours?” she continued.

“Walter,” I said.

“Nice to meet you, Walter.  I’ve never seen you here before, but I can imagine why.  What brings you here instead of the library?  It’s just across the street.”

“A change of scenery,” I said, this time not breaking eye contact from my screen.

“Oh, really?  Same here!  I know what you mean.  Well, I’ve only been coming here for the past few weeks myself.  But it’s different from where I’m used to.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Never mind.  It’s not important.  You might think it’s weird.”

“Why’d you bring it up, then?”

“Okay, well,” she began to hesitate, “I’m not from here.”

“I know, you said th-”

“No,” she interrupted, “I mean, I’m from a different planet.”

I looked up from my computer screen.  I distinctly remember her eyes being brown, but for no reason at all, they were green.  Maybe it was the coffee.  Maybe it was her.  Maybe it was just this strange place.

“Nice trick, you did there, but I think I’m going to go now.” I said as I closed my computer and packed it away.

“I’m sorry, did I creep you out?”

“Sure did.  Go bug someone else.”

I’m all for making new friends as much as anyone else.  I wasn’t going to take the time to figure out if she was playing a joke with me, and I really didn’t care, I just hoped that was my last run-in with that person as  I walked out of that place.  I mean, people go to libraries too.  Surely there would be normal people there.  I should know, I’ve been there before.

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Quick! Close Your Eyes!

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Doesn’t really happen too often to me.  There’s so much violence in today’s entertainment, that I think I’m mostly desensitized… Although I’m probably kidding myself. — I actually remember the last thing to make me cringe.  It’s that scene in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

And, thanks to the power of youtube, I can show you exactly! 🙂

SPOILER ALERT.  Although the game only lasts 5 minutes an hour anyway (so you should have completed it already) — that’s why I refuse to play it at 20 bucks.  But, that’s another story.

 Obviously, the video below is disturbing.  Watch with caution!

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Did You Notice Something? It’s Only Rain… Right?

Daily Prompt.

I’ve just got back from the beach.  No, really, I did. 😛 And, I had a great time too… until the weather shifted.

I don’t quite know how, but no one managed to check the weather, which had be quite shifty this week.  Perhaps that in  was a clue that it wasn’t the best week to go to the beach.

I was there, with family and friends, nibbling on an unusually sweet slice of watermelon, which was fine.  I always hate chomping into a flavorless watermelon — tastes no different than a glass of water.

As I was sitting about, enjoying my piece of fruit, we all saw it.  A dark gray cloud loomed overhead, hogging up all the sunlight for itself.  It’s was one selfish cloud, I tell you.

“It’ll only be there for a minute, or two,” I said to myself. “A little nice refreshing rain wont hurt after all.”

I generally like the rain.  I not a person to get dulled out when the weather is gloomy.  But, I guess that means rainy weather isn’t gloomy weather.  So, I just sat there.

And, it happened.  It started raining a bit.  Everyone scurried to finish packing and headed to their vehicles and the nearest shelter to wait the rain out.  I didn’t care to follow suit.  I was going to have the entire beach to myself, in the rain, which I enjoyed anyway.  Until something I wasn’t expecting happened…

It started getting colder and colder.  I looked on my chest and there’s all these cold white specks hitting me.  It wasn’t just rain anymore.  It was hail and I still needed to pack up stuff up.  I grabbed everything I could, tossed it over my shoulder and bolted to the car.  Running through the slush and to my luck, a I somehow managed to get a splinter as I stepped on some type of object.

I ignored it and kept going for the car.  It was just too cold to check.

As I opened the door after feverishly throwing all my things into the trunk, I examined my foot.  A nice sized splinter packed down into the underside of my foot.

“Dummy!” My sister, shouted after seeing my foot. “You should have packed up when the rest of us did!”


Free subject! This could lead to anywhere!

Yet another Daily Prompt Entry.  The rest of which can be found here.

It could lead to anywhere, except it’s not.  There’s all sorts of things I’d like to write about, however, I will eventually get to those subjects in due time (It’s not like I don’t blog everyday anyway.)

I have a friend, however, who’s a music producer.  I figured I’d talk about him and give him a shoutout, since he makes such good stuff.  He lives in walking distance of me, a street away from one of my uncles, yet for no good reason, we don’t talk very much.  I was on soundcloud the other day, and found this amazing remix of two classics shows from the 90’s mashed together.  Rugrats is one, but can you name the other?

I’m going to have to see what he’s been up to.  I know it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but last night I had my headphone on, and I was dying to listen to something.  Didn’t know what.  And when I found this, I didn’t go to sleep until  late into the night.  I went from one, to another.

Another song that stuck out to was this one.  Not made by anyone I personally know, but a remix of the Manda Ruins from Megaman Legends 2.  A game stolen from me, but due to being rare, and such, it’s too expensive for a game I feel I own and completed several times already.

Finally, one of my old soundcloud favorites, in case the others were too busy for you.

Me personally, I’m not much into creating music.  I’d rather express my creativity through other outlets, such as writing.  However, I’ve become unsatisfied with the book I was writing.  It was a little too much on the violent side.  So, I’ve opted to completely change the story’s plot so that it’s not as dark as it was intended to be.

There’s still a few holes in the story I need to mend, but once that’s done, I’ll begin re-writing and hopefully, eventually publish.

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