What Does It Mean To Exist?

It’s open to interpretation, however, there was an interesting story I found, about a kid who found his father’s ghost in a game, whom he’d lost at the age of six.  What on Earth am I talking about?

Well, racing games are very unique in their style of play, in that you can play against a racer that isn’t actually racing with you. Many games have too much decision making, which would make it impossible to say, play against the ghost of another person.  Tekken games attempt to do this, with their “ghost battle” mode, but, you cannot teach an Artificial Intelligence to act human.

People choke under pressure, they learn, they adapt, they read the enemy mid-battle (or, try to) and they also make mistakes and downright forget what to do at times.  Some mistakes you make in fighting games go in your favor, though rare –  almost always, a single mistake shifts the outcome of battle.

As far as racing games are concerned, the person of the fastest lap has their play recorded.  This is saved to an AI who will then re-do everything the fastest racer did… exactly.

This kid, now 16, remembered playing against his dad when he was young.

On one day fantastic day, he found the ghost racer of his dad, whom had long passed away, and was able to play against it.  Losing race after race, again, and again, until one day, he did it.  He got so far ahead that he could have won the race, but just before he got to the finish line, he stopped.  Only to make sure his dad’s ghost would remain as the fastest time.

Still being able to play against someone who’s not actually there anymore.  It’s something nice.  For those five minutes of racing, (or longer depending on the track, laps, etc.) it must be great, almost as if they’re still there, spending time with you.  But not quite.

Original article may be found here.

Now if only a game actually could make a ghost in fighting games, of someone playing at their best (sometimes, I forget important stuff that costs me plenty of matches.)  It would be amazing, as it would be something to interact with.

Needless to say, in racers, if you’re occupying the same space as the ghost, you’ll pass through.

Please be sure to read the rest of my posts.  I appreciate it.


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