Did You Notice Something? It’s Only Rain… Right?

Daily Prompt.

I’ve just got back from the beach.  No, really, I did. 😛 And, I had a great time too… until the weather shifted.

I don’t quite know how, but no one managed to check the weather, which had be quite shifty this week.  Perhaps that in  was a clue that it wasn’t the best week to go to the beach.

I was there, with family and friends, nibbling on an unusually sweet slice of watermelon, which was fine.  I always hate chomping into a flavorless watermelon — tastes no different than a glass of water.

As I was sitting about, enjoying my piece of fruit, we all saw it.  A dark gray cloud loomed overhead, hogging up all the sunlight for itself.  It’s was one selfish cloud, I tell you.

“It’ll only be there for a minute, or two,” I said to myself. “A little nice refreshing rain wont hurt after all.”

I generally like the rain.  I not a person to get dulled out when the weather is gloomy.  But, I guess that means rainy weather isn’t gloomy weather.  So, I just sat there.

And, it happened.  It started raining a bit.  Everyone scurried to finish packing and headed to their vehicles and the nearest shelter to wait the rain out.  I didn’t care to follow suit.  I was going to have the entire beach to myself, in the rain, which I enjoyed anyway.  Until something I wasn’t expecting happened…

It started getting colder and colder.  I looked on my chest and there’s all these cold white specks hitting me.  It wasn’t just rain anymore.  It was hail and I still needed to pack up stuff up.  I grabbed everything I could, tossed it over my shoulder and bolted to the car.  Running through the slush and to my luck, a I somehow managed to get a splinter as I stepped on some type of object.

I ignored it and kept going for the car.  It was just too cold to check.

As I opened the door after feverishly throwing all my things into the trunk, I examined my foot.  A nice sized splinter packed down into the underside of my foot.

“Dummy!” My sister, shouted after seeing my foot. “You should have packed up when the rest of us did!”




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