Free subject! This could lead to anywhere!

Yet another Daily Prompt Entry.  The rest of which can be found here.

It could lead to anywhere, except it’s not.  There’s all sorts of things I’d like to write about, however, I will eventually get to those subjects in due time (It’s not like I don’t blog everyday anyway.)

I have a friend, however, who’s a music producer.  I figured I’d talk about him and give him a shoutout, since he makes such good stuff.  He lives in walking distance of me, a street away from one of my uncles, yet for no good reason, we don’t talk very much.  I was on soundcloud the other day, and found this amazing remix of two classics shows from the 90’s mashed together.  Rugrats is one, but can you name the other?

I’m going to have to see what he’s been up to.  I know it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but last night I had my headphone on, and I was dying to listen to something.  Didn’t know what.  And when I found this, I didn’t go to sleep until  late into the night.  I went from one, to another.

Another song that stuck out to was this one.  Not made by anyone I personally know, but a remix of the Manda Ruins from Megaman Legends 2.  A game stolen from me, but due to being rare, and such, it’s too expensive for a game I feel I own and completed several times already.

Finally, one of my old soundcloud favorites, in case the others were too busy for you.

Me personally, I’m not much into creating music.  I’d rather express my creativity through other outlets, such as writing.  However, I’ve become unsatisfied with the book I was writing.  It was a little too much on the violent side.  So, I’ve opted to completely change the story’s plot so that it’s not as dark as it was intended to be.

There’s still a few holes in the story I need to mend, but once that’s done, I’ll begin re-writing and hopefully, eventually publish.

Please be sure to check out the rest of my blogs.  There will certainly be more things to come.  If you like this, or any of my other posts, please be sure to like, follow, comment, and whatever else.  It’s uplifting to see.



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