Great Pies & Nice Chicken.

What’s this?  Another Daily Prompt?  Yes!  You may read the rest I’ve written here.  Please enjoy.

I know that smells and tastes go hand-in-hand with each other.  Perhaps that’s why my favorite smells are things to eat.  Lots come to mind, but what sticks out most are my own chicken soups and dishes I like so much, and those sweet apple pies only my grandmother could make.  Filling the room with a scent so powerful, it convinced the mind it could taste, from the smells alone.

You know what she liked, though? Those baked chicken thighs I used to make.

What a shame I probably wont be able to experience either anymore. Granny has gone beyond, and as for my baked chicken, it’s a recipe that has escaped my memory.

It’s saddening, but, there isn’t need to worry.  I can always try to make my baked chicken in just the same way as before, and perhaps my mom knows Grandma’s recipe.

I know what I’ll have for dinner tonight.  What a smell it will be.

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  2. Chicken . Yes!!! Definitely . Don’t get me strong , but I find it so boring when people say again and again that they love the smell of their garden and flowers . I’m like , ” Come on!! There’s food to smell .”


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