Take The Chip? As Long As I Don’t Go Crazy!

Daily Prompt.  My third entry, the rest of which may be read here.

I think peoples’ thoughts should stay in their minds, as reading them would be an invasion of privacy and lead to things you were probably better off not knowing.

I wouldn’t want  to be angry with everyone all the time. I’d lose my mind.  I wouldn’t be able to hear myself think.  I don’t need the thought of others in addition to my own to crowd my brain.  But, then again…

Maybe it’s only because now, I can’t imagine myself knowing what others are thinking because it’s a foreign concept to me.  What if I got used to it?  I would care even less of what other people think of me now.  Which, is already not very high on my list of things to be concerned with.

But, I can’t turn it off…  Maybe I will wait for that friend to make some improvements.

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