Possible New Tekken Announcement Today. TxSF?

The Evolution Championship Series began Friday.  But, within the schedule of the world’s biggest fighting game event is something curious. 5:30 Pacific, Tekken producer, Katsuhiro Harada is scheduled to make an announcement.  Perhaps it may be Tekken X Street Fighter.  Not to be confused with the severely panned, failure of Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken, due to not only its rush to release by using lots of old Street Fighter IV elements, but also its tactic of releasing an incomplete game at $60, with the rest of the title locked behind an additional pay-wall.

Tekken, as a series, however, has never required players to pay for additional characters, nor stages, as these are essential parts of fighting games.

It is unlikely that Tekken X Street Fighter will release with additional characters needing to be purchased considering how bad the Capcom iteration was received.

This blog will be updated later today, if it’s fighting game related.  In the mean time, feel free to check out the rest of my blog.  You may find something of interest.


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