Enjoying cold-cut sandwiches with great minds and thinkers…. What?

My second entry into the daily prompt series.  The first may be read here.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying my cold-cuts a bit too much, admittedly.  There’s no bad time of the day to have a sandwich filled with turkey, tomato, lettuce and cheese, with a bit of cracked corns-pepper in between.  But, I doubt dinner with the great minds of today would be so… plain.

Anyway, I don’t like watching TV.  I don’t like watching movies.  It’s linear.  Books can be too, but at least you can’t get to the end of it if you’re asleep.

With that said, I don’t know any of the actors of today, outside of the handful that I can count on one hand.  And as I struggle to think of the five, I can only put names to the faces of actors who’ve had acting parts in games.  For example, Willem Dafoe, Ellen Page, and Nolan North.

But, perhaps this is a good thing.  Sure, I like the work these people have done.  Regardless of what anyone said about Beyond: Two Souls, I still completed the game 11 times.  Sure, it had it’s ups and downs, but what doesn’t? I think they all portray their characters nicely and believably, at the end of the day.  Fans of their work, or not, I wouldn’t want to sit these guys down to talk with them?

But who would I sit down with?

Michio Kaku, Aubrey de Grey, Russell Brand, Michael Stevens, Yousef Erakat and Conan O’Brien to shake things up.

So, if you’ve clicked the links to learn more about these people, you may think to yourself about what is out there, and question your own perception versus what is actually out there.

What to ask them?  What Would I personally ask?

Not much of anything.  I would much rather listen to all these people talk amongst each other and perhaps add my own input to an already flowing conversation.  But, if I must ask anything, perhaps it would be where we as humans would be in 100 years. Each of them would no doubt have an interesting take on things.

Each of the names in the list are clickable, and have links to videos as somewhat of an introduction to them.  No doubt it would be a conversation worth listening to.

Please be sure to check the rest of my blog.  You may find something of interest.  If you do, please like, comment share it and all that good stuff.  I’d greatly appreciate it.







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