Kids Are Actually Conditioned To Think Inside The Box. Did You Know?

So, I was reading this lengthy blog here… and what a nice read, I thought (so you should check it out).  I was looking for something to blog about next, and that blog provided the perfect thing for me to talk about.

But, here’s something to think about:  Kids and their potential intelligence and growth as human beings.  Just about everyone born has the potential to become a genius.  However, as kids get older, their natural curiosity and non-discriminative minds are dissolved.  So, instead of becoming a genius that they could have been, they become normalized like everyone else in society.

Growing up, they’re mentally conditioned, or brainwashed (everything in a sense is brainwashing anyway, but regardless of that fact, some people don’t like that word.).  Being constantly told what is normal, and what they should do, time after time, it inhibits their curiosity until eventually, they don’t think outside the box anymore.

I have a video on the subject.  It simply makes me wonder how different things would be if we didn’t confine youth to the perceptions of the previous generations.  Kids often hop from one thing to another anyway.  Just being naturally curious and indiscriminate.  Simple as that.

Here’s the video.

It mentions everything described above, in a bit more detail and was quite an eye opener.  But, the basic premise behind it is to not condition kids to think inside the box, and tell them what is and isn’t possible and what is and is not okay based on your own personal beliefs.

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