LeBron James Is Apparently Coming Back To Cavaliers.

It seems to be the case, according to “insiders,” but we all know how that can go.  Insiders could be right on the money, and other times, they’re just pulling your leg.

However, this gets me excited, because I just might actually be bothered enough to watch the Cavs again.  To be quite honest, when LeBron left, and they (Cavs) started losing again, I lost interest.  Sports isn’t my favorite thing to watch, but, for some reason, when the home-team is out there winning, I can enjoy it so much more.

It’s been speculated where LeBron would go, and to be honest, considering anything other than the heat or Cavs would be a bad idea.  You don’t want to be seen as the guy who shows no loyalty to the team.  It would actually make winning the playoffs harder, because no one knows where you will be season to season.  And other top ball players looking to play with you wont be willing to sign a lengthy contract if there is no guarantee you will actually be there next year.

You cannot develop a good team around that.  Which is why the Heat went through so much trouble.  All because they didn’t know what LeBron wanted.

If they knew rather LeBron would stay in Miami, then Wade and Bosh no doubt would have done the same thing.  But, they don’t know.  Infact, none of us actually knows.  But, apparently, LBron will post his decision on his website.  Here’s a link to the original article.

And, while you’re here, please feel free to check out the rest of my blog. You may find something interesting.



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