Write About What You Like. Not What You Hate.

This isn’t something I see often, but something I thought should be brought up.  Every so often, I see people complaining in their feeds, posts, timelines, or whatever else they may have.  Specifically, complaining to, or about people who don’t regularly use the internet or read blog posts.  Or else they probably wouldn’t post anything in the first place.


Well, I’m sure it’s only to blow off steam, but it just seems silly to fuel negative energy like that.  We’ve all seen posts around the internet of people complaining about other people and how unfair things are.

I have an idea, though.  Why not put some of that energy into something positive?  Write about something you like, if you’re going to write.  Make it something helpful, or informative make it fun for people to read.  The only people who enjoy reading negative posts are people who themselves are also negative.

Who wants that crowd of folks following them around?

Yeah, sure, we all go through it.  But, feeding into negativity isn’t something I like to do.  It’s not beneficial to the reader.

Focus on being informative, or write about something you like if nothing else.  If you have one of those days, when you’re mad about something, don’t complain.  Just make the best of it.  Do things that will help you to move into a better state of mind.


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