Discussing A Few Things Around Aging.

Keep in mind this video is a few years old.  From my understanding, there are no more people living today born in the 1800’s.  I’d like to be proven wrong on this, though.

Anyway, the video asks, “How old can we get?”  But, this question is never actually answered.  Forgetting about the talk of some plants, and how long they can live, (1000+ years) let’s instead talk about something else the video touched on.  Perception, and remembrance of years.  But, I will jump around a bit so just be aware.

Thanatophobia, or a fear of death would likely mean that anyone with this phobia would want to live for as long as possible, and you know what?  Such people may be in luck.

You see, the video does not explain the causes of death.  Or even answer the question of how long we as a species could live when considering a maximum average.  It only simply states the possibility that a person that will live to be 150 is already alive today and is most likely an infant.

But, focusing on the natural causes, what actually causes death to happen?

To be quite honest, it does vary quite a bit.  There have been cases of people dying in their childhood, or early twenties of natural causes.

But, what is the logical work-around?

Well, you alone wont be able to cure yourself of the aging processes, and yes, there are scientists working on eliminating the aging process.  However, what you could do is increase the amount of significant events in your life, until such breakthroughs actually happen.  As stated in the video, having more significant events in our lives makes time seem to move slower.

It’s good to keep this in mind for the obvious, quality over quantity.

Getting out, making new friends, traveling, learning new languages and whatever else you can do to make your brain clearly remember significant events in your life would improve things on so many different levels.

Now, it wont be possible to do everything every day and never have a dull moment.  And there’s nothing wrong with a day or two of rest.

Here’s an idea, though:  Make a goal list.  Look at it every day.  Believe that you can achieve everything on that list of yours, because that will be the first barrier in the way of you and reaching that goal you’re looking at if you don’t.  And as your complete your list, you know what you should do?  Put more goals onto that list of yours.

Who knows… at the end of it all, even if choices you made resulted in a shorter life by a few years (lets not get too drastic), wouldn’t it be better than the next person, who perhaps is a few years older but did a lot less with their life?  Who really lived the longer life?

Start making your list. 🙂

Finally, here’s a bonus video about eliminating the aging process.  Interesting, nonetheless.


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