Clixsense, A Trusted, Paying Website Since 2007.

Looking for a way to earn cash online?  Clixsense may be an option.  A trusted website, that has been in operation since 2007, paying its millions members of members weekly.

Although you have the option to upgrade your account with added features for only $17.00 a year, this is completely optional and is in no way required to earn money or receive payment.

Given the amount of time Clixsense has been in operation, its member count (which is over 3 million) and the ability to earn and get paid with 0 dollars down makes Clixsense a perfect option for those looking to get a grasp in making money online with minimal to no risk.

Clixsense has several ways of making money and staying functional after all these years.  One way is through survey hosts.  These survey websites need information on particular products and services and will pay to get such information.

As a Clixsense member, completing a survey will get yourself and Clixsense paid.

Another way is through advertising.  Advertisers need traffic to their webpages, and Clixsense provides the traffic.  The advertisers themselves pay an upfront fee based on how much traffic they want, how long to display the ad, etc. and Clixsense will then pay users who have successfully viewed the ad.

There are various other ways of getting paid through the site.  Some ways may be more effective than others, but once you’ve reached the minimum amount for payout, you may request your money.

Clixsense pays out all it’s members on Mondays and Fridays, except when major holidays fall on those days. Personally, I’ve always received my requests for payment the same day, as my requests are done via Paypal.  Although there are other options to request your money.

Give it a try.  A perfect way to get your start in earning an online income . Join today by clicking the banner below. Or, by simply clicking here, in case it doesn’t show.


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