E3 2014 Begins!

E3 has begun this week.  Presentations varied much in how well they were able to capture my interest.  However, I will be making two blogs today.  The first of which will go into what I’m looking forward to, and the second, to discuss something particular about Mortal Kombat 10.

Before I continue, I will say that these games carry mature themes and are particularly violent.  Videos are not for the squeamish, or sensitive.  No first person shooters are on this list either, they’re all the same.

In no particular order, because I’m getting all the games on the list anyway:

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

(The music they choose for Metal Gear Trailers are always top notch.  Deserves a mention.)

I do not particularly know what’s going on.  Fans of the series remember the first game, released in 1998, took place in 2005.  Metal Gear Solid V is not a sequel to Metal Gear Solid 4.  MGS4, took place in 2014, while being released in 2008, and MGSV, if I remember correctly takes place in the 1980’s.

I’m a little confused.  We see an incomplete Metal Gear Rex in the trailer. Which, I believe was a prototype in the original Metal Gear Solid game, so, it’s confusing to me to see it here, 20 years before the eventual completion of the first prototype.

We also see what appears to be big shell, which was in Metal Gear Solid 2.  It may not be big shell, but, it obviously does look like it. Perhaps in the 90’s and early 2000’s, it’s expanded.

I just don’t know what’s going on here, but, I’m excited for the game.  I’ve played 1,2, and 4 of the Metal Gear Solid series, and none of the older metal gear games that came out prior to the playstation.  I skipped the others because I don’t like going backwards in time, (with MGS3 taking place before MGS1).  MGSV is doing that too, I know, but, I’ll make an exception this time.

MGS is such a hard story to follow.  I remember some points about the series, but, there’s just so much to keep up with.  Not that it’s a bad thing by any means, though.

Side note:  Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros (the first short chapter of MGSV) is on sale this week via the PlayStation Network.



Mortal Kombat X

(Seems like Scorpion has learned Psycho Crusher, for all you Street Fighter Fans.  Just don’t ask to hold back to block.)

The 10th game in the Mortal Kombat series.  But, it’s being called “Mortal Kombat Ex” excuse my mistake from my post last week, I guess Ed and the gang thought “ex” sounded cooler than 10.

We see three new characters in the trailer, which is running on PS4 (slighly not impressed by the graphical output, but, as a fighting game fan, the fight-mechanics themselves are more important than anything else in the game.)

As of this post, none of these characters have been named.  One looks similar to Chang and Choi from King of Fighters, while the other looks like Blackarachnia from Transformers: Beast Wars.

The characters themselves look great.  They’re not quite like the old batch of characters who were in my opinion very dull in their appearances, and just plain forgettable.  Hopefully, we’ll never see characters like Kobra, Mokap, or Meat ever again.

Glad to see the goofy, and silliness of Mortal Kombat be traded out for a more-serious, darker tone.  Already interested, as Sub-Zero’s my favorite, and I tend to usually gravitate towards the new characters.  Enjoyed using Skarlet in the last game despite her odd play-style that I couldn’t get into at first, however, I absolutely hated Cyber-Sub-Zero.

However, all three of the new characters shown so far, I like, and I tend to only use about 4-5 characters in any fighting game, so it’s going to be interesting when I get my hands on the game.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

(I’m getting a “someone’s going to die at the end of the game” vibe from the video, and I’m guessing Sully.)

The title leaves the option for the series to close out on a high note.  However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the end.  The sequel could just as easily be called, “Uncharted 5: A Hero’s Beginning.”  Though, even still, they probably implied an end of the series for a reason.

I knew from the moment I heard the music playing during the black screen what game this was going to be…  Then, the naughty dog logo popped up.  We all knew at that point.  There’s not much to show, other than the graphics, and somewhat of a setting, and a flashback(?) of a conversation he had with Sully.

We see that it has been some years.  Nate, obviously has aged a little, and seemed to live a normal life, until being thrown back into a world of treasure hunting and killing.

The trailer also opens with a ring on Nate’s finger.  Most of us assume it’s Elaina, but, perhaps due to some twist in the story, it could even be Chloe for all we know.


The Last of Us: Remastered Edition

(Not understanding the spoiler alert.  I didn’t really catch anything story-wise that was too specific.)

The game looks great.  I skipped the PS3 edition, and glad I did.  This edition of the game is being seriously tweaked for PS4, as we’ve been told, and wont be a simple graphical increase.  The opening, shows Joel clinging his daughter who had just been shot, by a guard who was told by higher-ups there were enough survivors at the camp. (yeah, spoilers, I know, but, she dies so early in the game anyway.) The game itself looks amazing.  I’m sure they planned to release a remastered edition on PS4 when the game was initially worked on.  That way, they’d have the assets they needed to make a PS4 version stand out from a the PS3 game.

Now, with every game on my list, keep in mind that each and every single one is choreographed every animation in each of these games are captured by actors playing parts in a studio.  It’s different from movies, in a sense that you can take everyone’s best performances, after many re-shoots, and mesh them together for a more defining performance, without everyone needing to be 100% on cue at once.

It’s also a lot easier on animators, because to animate certain things can take hours, meanwhile, an actor can act out the same movement in a few seconds, giving a more defined, and less robotic appearance to the motions.  An animator wont be able to animate a 3D figure as accurately as an actual person doing the movements.

Voice capture is another important thing caught by the performances.  Think about people reading from a script.  You dont know the environment you’re in, you don’t know how far away the other person is, and reading a script just doesn’t sound natural.  It only makes playing older action/adventure styled game hard, because the roles just aren’t convincing.

But, you get these actors together.  Show them mock-ups of the area they’re supposed to be in, and use props, they know where they’re supposed to be and how to appropriately project their voices, it makes the entire experience better.

All the games here are releasing 2015 at the soonest.  However, I’ve just remembered MGSV specifically said “COMING 1984”  Better start calling around to see who has it in stock.  Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were releasing 2016.

Finally, honorable mentions, that I’m probably not going to get are:

Grand Theft Auto V (PS4 version)

Batman: Arkham Knight

Nothing wrong with these two games, they’re just not that high on the list.

Feel free to come on back.  Will be writing more about E3 as it continues this week.  And, while you’re here, as a thanks for stopping by, I’d like to give you something.  A free lead generating system, which you may have here.

As for the next post.  The dreaded block button in Mortal Kombat X.  I want to talk about it.



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